Q the trumpet – Mood Washing (2022) MP3 320kbps

Q the trumpet - Mood Washing (2022)  MP3 320kbps Download

Artist: Q the trumpet
Genres: Asian Music
Release Date: 2022
Duration: 00:42:25
Quality: MP3
Format: mp3
Filesize: 100 MB

1-1. Q the trumpet – the Ordinary Condition (00:01:58)
1-2. Q the trumpet, Kim Mi Jeong, Olltii – Complicated (Feat. Kim Mi Jeong, Olltii) (00:03:34)
1-3. Q the trumpet, Lim Chae-sun – Every complicated night (with Lim Chae-sun) (00:01:56)
1-4. Q the trumpet, Hannah Jang – Every night (Feat. Hannah Jang) (00:03:11)
1-5. Q the trumpet, Olltii, Spray – PAPER PLANE (Feat. Olltii, Spray) (00:03:17)
1-6. Q the trumpet – Hi, Anxiety (00:03:35)
1-7. Q the trumpet, Yea song – Please, Leave me (Feat. Yea Song) (00:03:48)
1-8. Q the trumpet, Remain, Ha Beomseok – Waves in a dream (Feat. Remain, Ha Beomseok) (00:04:20)
1-9. Q the trumpet, paulkyte, Kid Wine, Jay Moon – Good Night (Feat. paulkye, Kid Wine, Jay Moon) (00:03:48)
1-10. Q the trumpet – Please switch to airplane mode (00:01:47)
1-11. Q the trumpet, Who$, Olltii – Airplane Mode (Feat. WHO$, Olltii) (00:03:34)
1-12. Q the trumpet – BOAT (00:02:59)
1-13. Q the trumpet, YUNSEOKCHEOL TRIO, Park Ki Hun – Mood Washing (Feat. Yun Seok Cheol Trio, Park Ki Hun) (00:03:04)
1-14. Q the trumpet, Yun Seokcheol – Walk to clear (with Yun Seok Cheol) (00:01:27)

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